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Online Mental Capacity Act

By August 6, 2015September 20th, 2017Mental Capacity Act
Mental Capacity online training course

Mental capacity act training is a required training programme for many social care sectors, including care homes, or individual carers, for example domiciliary carers. To help you stay compliant with your training requirements, we offer an online mental capacity act training programme, which is conducted using video based instruction.

The mental capacity act is aimed at various situations where someone is unable to make any informed decisions, because of the way their mind may be affected by certain conditions.

The aim of our online training course is to promote an understanding of what constitutes mental capacity and to promote understanding of the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act and also to promote awareness of how the mental capacity act relates to other legislation.

As our training programme is conducted using video based instruction, each video can be rewound, or paused to gain a better understanding of the course content and using the training materials, which can be downloaded on registration, you will gain a complete understanding of what constitutes mental capacity.

You can register and start training by clicking the “Start Training Now” button above, or a full breakdown of the course content can be found on our Mental Capacity Act training page.