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Our Terms and Conditions

Please read and understand our website terms and conditions for the online training that we offer. These terms and conditions can be changed at any time without prior notice and it is your responsibility to understand them.

  • Before completing any of our online training courses it is your responsibility the purchaser to ensure that the course you have purchased, intend to purchase or have completed is suitable for you and fully meets the requirements of your workplace, or your own training course requirements.
  • We can not be held responsible if the training completed does not, or is not fully suitable to meet your needs, your workplace, or your companies needs. We offer a no refund policy on all online training courses purchased.
  • Training is completed using video based instruction, or power point presentations and it is your responsibility to ensure that your learning devise has the latest software updates.
  • It is advisable to take notes as you progress through your chosen course, as these will help you with the exam modules and final exam.
  • Pass marks for certification purposes are either 70% or 80% depending on the course being undertaken.
  • If you fail to complete successfully any training module, or the end examination of any course you will be able to retake these an additional 2 times, making a total of 3 failures for each licence purchased.
  • If you fail the final exam, or any module 3 times, the course training module or exam cannot be reset and you will have failed the course.
  • If you fail the course as above, then you will have to purchase an additional licence to continue, as we offer a no refund policy on course failures.
  • All certification can be downloaded and printed on completion of training, once your required course has be successfully completed.
  • We are not responsible for the course content and structure of the courses supplied and will not be held responsible for any errors associated with any online training modules or course content.
  • All online training courses we offer are provided under licence and are owned by Videotile learning, or Learnpac and we have no control of course content and structure.
  • Online Care Home Training is a training website under the KSI Online Limited group of training websites.